Stephanie Seymour Arrested For DUI

Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Woodstock DUI Lawyer Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Stephanie Seymour Arrested For DUI:  In January, 2016 former Supermodel Stephanie Seymour was attempting to merge onto Interstate 95 in Connecticut.  She was stopped for the stop sign directing her to wait to enter I95 until traffic abated.  For some reason, Seymour placed her vehicle into reverse and backed into the vehicle behind her.  The police were summonsed and Seymour was investigated for DUI.  Seymour probably did not realize that once the police smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath she was going to be arrested for DUI.  People sometimes think that they can convince an officer not to arrest them by playing along with the Officer’s DUI Investigation.  Those fortunate souls are few and far between.  My guess is that more people with no drugs and alcohol in their systems whatsoever are arrested than people who seem to smell of alcohol are released.

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